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Merry Christmas


The year is 1927!



The Christmas party is in full swing!  Bootlegging, gambling, cheating and murder are the most popular pastimes at our Speakeasy and Casino.



Our Christmas parties are filled with everything Christmas: Fun Christmas games, caroling, dancing, Christmas music, candy canes, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!!! 




Everyone will be in the holiday spirit after this party!

Everyone in your group becomes a character!

Several murders take place!

Search for clues everywhere! 


Participate in all of the fun Christmas activities to earn as many clues as you can to solve the mystery!




Try your luck at the Blackjack and Roulette tables!

Try to win the dance and singing contests!






Bet on the horse race! 

Don’t get caught in the Police Raid!


Our directors give everyone a character role

to play in the mystery!

There are minor and major roles.

You choose the roles!
(Costumes are optional)





It's said that Oh Henry's is haunted...

Could it be the ghosts of Christmas past coming back for revenge on the gangsters?



 Hint: The victims and the killers are

members of your party!


This is a very interactive party!

Book your Christmas party today!


Plan your party in 3 easy steps!

1. Pick a Christmas theme!

("1920's Gangster" or "Employee Revenge")

2. Contact us to reserve the date for your party!


Call us at: 708-637-4620


3. Pick the venue you would like to have your party 

at from our list: Venues 


Or tell us your favorite spot! We travel to homes,restaurants, mansions, boats, anywhere! You don't even have to have dinner with the mystery, if you don't want to. We will help you plan the perfect mystery party!





That's it! Send out the invitations!


      Everyone is a suspect! 

It’s up to each person to solve the crimes.

Solve the crimes and win a prize!

(We give out carnival-type prizes to the winners!....and everyone else)



Call: 708-637-4620

Please leave a message and one of our event planners will call you back A.S.A.P..

We will help you plan the entire event from start to finish!

Or Email us:

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